VRG Lightning

VRG Lightning, a couple of enjoyable days at New Jersey Motorsports Park


We had a new racer on board renting one of our Spitfires. Steve Dana’s Elva was in the shop and he needed a ride for his long planned eastern visit. We had a great weekend together and Steve had just the right approach. He and his VRS rental Triumph Spitfire matched this event well. An experienced racer who took to track in good, consistent and quick form. VRG’s NJMP was a nice casual event with lots of track time for Steve, Kent & great bunch of VRG racers. Better yet …the cars ran perfectly with only minor work for Brian to keep all up to speed. . .


Equip VRS @ NJMP. Easy setup, no rain worries and race ready early. Yep, Casual is VRG, no hype and lotsa of fun.


Steve at Speed: Pressing a MG midget as Spitfires are wont to do and then hard at it in that tight left hander leading to a BIG banked corner that funnels the fun onto the main straightaway on the Lightening circuit. Quick, consistent and well mannered driving by all.


Bain at speed in the VRS Swift S2000. The number accurately describes my finishing position noting some good practice but an early retirement with 2nd gear making a “funny” noise. Easily fixed, but Sunday commitments had me homebound on Saturday. Nice weekend, our thanks to all!