VRS and VRG Jefferson 500, May 17 -20th 2018


All we can say is ……rainy

Water, water everywhere and all one could possibly ever want to drink! Aboard we head Jim Lenenhan’s 914-6 Porsche, Ed Mettleman’s 914-4 Porsche, Dave Gussack and Kent Bain’s Triumph Spitfires & trackman Glenn Taylor’s Formula Ford and Atlantic cars. Wednesday afternoon found us all set up & ready to race then realities set in. We had driven down in a down pour, with hope springing eternal…then it poured all Wednesday night with heavy rain forecast for the next 3 days…So; VRG organizers wisely canceled the event with sections of the track underwater and not likely to clear….FOR DAYS. End of story and thanks go to VRG for wise decision and entry fee refunds! The Tee shirts are a great and remind us just what might have been!!!