VRS at the SVRA VIR Gold Cup 2018


A tale of 3 Race cars, 3 drivers, 3 outcomes and a great weekend for all. 


VRS joins SVRA @ VIR to have some fun finding a celebration of “V” as in victories at the Heacock Gold Cup Virginia International race weekend


DAVE GUSSACK and his very quick VRS prepared Triumph Spitfire 1300 on its way to another podium finish…….. GO DAVE!!!


Terrific Tom Brown – always on track, consistent and focused on the end game:   A good time and a good finish.  To finish first, first you have to finish and Tom does just that, here on his way to an enduro podium!  Go Tom!!!


Ed Mettleman is not a driver who’s insensitive to his ride.  He cares for the cars and brings them home shiny side up time and again.  Well, It may be a bit damp but Ed’s using it to find the limits with his Porsche 914-4 very nicely here….Go Ed!!!


RESULTS THAT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES:  GOOD JOB GUYS:   Dave and his Fast Spit, 1st overall, 1st in class!!  Tom, 1st in class, 7th Overall  in the Hawk Performance enduro with Porsche driver Ed finishing up 11th overall and 2nd in class in his sprint race!