Lime Rock Historic Festival 37


Under the Vintage Racing Services tents we find a collection of cars and experienced, “stylish” drivers.  This group understands the fun at speed, shiny side up vintage racing objectives well.  Roger Werner and Ed Mettleman have their 911  & 914 Porsches going well. Richard Kresch and Bob Mittman are both sheparding Lola S2000s though Richard did a few laps in his Royale-Lotus RP4 in Tuesday’s practice.  Pen Pendleton is just getting used to his newly acquired and only “one of its kind” Starkweather-Crosley sports racer while Bill Shanahan tunes up in his Border Challenge rally ready, VRS prepared, Alfa Romeo 1900 Saloon. A strong Triumph Spitfire component occupies “tent right”:  Tom Brown, Kevin Gosselin and yours truly, Kent Bain complete he VRS Historic Festival 37 ensemble.


The Sports 2000 Lolas of Richard and Robert (Bob) give chase without a wheel put wrong all weekend.  Bob ended up with the faster times while Richard circulated at his usual considered, controlled & reliable pace.


The Starkweather-Crosley Special: Back on the track after a long layover. This clever American built small bore sports racer has a long history. Pen Pendleton bought it to race it and that he did… Enjoying it all the while!


Roger acquired this Targa Newfoundland class winning early Porsche 911 recently, had VRS update and enhance the car for some casual, reliable vintage racing then went to work. A Porsche driver for decades, Roger soon had it sorted and on pace.


ED & his trusty Porsche 914-4 had a G R E A T weekend, though VRS head tech Tim  Ritchie did find a need to check the rev limit from time to time as he’s doing in photo right.


SPITFIRES AT SPEED: Left, Kevin jockeys for position as he approaches Lime Rock’s Left-hander while right, Kent chases down a Lotus 9 keeping up the Spit-Race pace.


 Tommy Brown at speed… applying some body English to the corner and car always works!!!


Bill Shanahan, Alfa Romeo 1900 Saloon La Carrera Pan America & Border Challenge rally car all numbered up and at speed! 


SPEED AND AN EASY STYLE – All demonstrated by VRS senior technician Glenn Taylor in his very personally prepared PRS Formula Ford. This was a Formula Ford feature event celebrating the creation of the class and our host, Skip Barber’s role in those early FF days.  Glenn’s performance followed suit.

RESULTS – 1ST & foremost:  lots of incident free on track fun for us all as is the Historic Festival norm with Glenn and Tom finding 1st overall podium finishes on occasion. Thanks to all for a great weekend!


Rains came mid morning Monday: Only VRS racer Brown Braved the downpour, Chris fitted the rains. Tom took to the track and came home 1st overall! Chris gets a BIG thanks for changing diff and keeping Tom up to speed all weekend long!!