VRS and VRG: Brian Redman's Jefferson 500


It was 1992 when he invented the Jefferson 500. He put some clever race classes together along with a two day enduro format that set this event apart from the onset.  VRS crew & drivers were there @ the inception and it’s rewarding to have yet another successful Jefferson with a great group of VRS drivers in 2019.   After last year’s “flooded in the carousel rain out’ we were due good weather and mother nature delivered!


Under the VRS tent for the 2019 Jefferson we find:  Chris Fennell’s 1967 Corvette, Ed Mettlemans super tidy Porsche 914, Dave Gussacks Triumph Spitfire 1300 accompanied by Bain & Brown’s 1300 Spits (Kent and Tom respectively).  Tom took two Spitfires to finish the weekend, note the dark blue (hood open) Triumph above right and the black car at line end above.  The whole story told following………..


Team Triumph Had a Triumphant Weekend:  Dave (center and below right getting the race start jump on 2nd place qualifier Kent) took big honors with 3, 1st OA Lola cup podium finishes.  One for each day of racing!!! WELL DONE DAVE & the VRS crew who prepped #88.  Right, Two Triumph Tom leads Kent into the Pits.  Two Triumph???  Humm!


Ed & Porsche 914 never missed a beat.  Ed did almost all the sprint races and both enduro days finishing well….always!


Chris Fennell in his really well turned out 67 Vet into and rapidly out of the right hander onto the straight for another blast of V8 thunder and speed.   Chris was steady & fast finding a   podium finish in 2019 for Sunday’s mix & math group 1,2 and 6 race. 


Results?? Yes indeed!  Tom missed and shift & bent some pushrods in his trusty Blue Spitfire Friday, leaving the VRS Spare rental racer policy to save the day.  Above; enduro action as Ben Sinnot’s  well driven & quick S2000 passes Tom …FAST.  Ben kindly joined us for dinner Friday night to explain his winning strategies.  Ed, Tom and Dave’s enduro accomplishments (Dave in his S2, not the Spit this time) are documented to the left;  WELL DONE GUYS!

Quite a series of podium finishes prevailed!!  Dave and his Spitfire; 1st overall for Lola Cup races on two  occasions the Sunday’s 3 race groups 3,4 & 5 all comers race.  Chris and is quick C2 Corvette podiumed in Sunday’s Spring race.  After qualifying 2nd, all Kent could manage was a 2nd place in Saturday’s abbreviated Sprint.  Some Sunday off track commitment ensued.


The VRS crew did a great job & enjoyed the weekend. From top: Tom recounts as VRS chief tech Tim Ritchie revels in the in a “who put this mud in wheel arch” accounting, Chris has a false grid giggle while gas man & semi-pilot Keron Legerton keeps everyone fueled and fast. Dave takes a look at the track from pole as Tom tells Chris to reset Kent’s tire pressures with Kent waiting on grid just behind.