SVRA @ LRP for Memorial Day Weekend 2019

SVRA @ LRP for Memorial Day Weekend 2019.jpg

Three drivers, three cars, three podium finishes, and Max gets a few laps in as well!


Dave and John battled it out all weekend long. Result? Great racing and lots of fun. Above left: Dave chases John then, right, John runs just a bit wide trying to reverse the pass. Below: Dave on grid lookin’ MEAN and ready to race!

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SVRA @ LRP for Memorial Day Weekend 2019 7.jpg
SVRA @ LRP for Memorial Day Weekend 2019 8.jpg
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Mark had a fine, fast weekend and was really delighted on the Podium for his 1st in Class 5VS2 on more than one occasion.


Vintage Racing Services own GT (Glenn Taylor) had a great weekend. He and his PRS Club Ford finished 1stoverall in both sprint races. Right we see Glenn and Jay out of big bend and below right G.T. up front looking for a checker soon. Below, VRS Tech and weekend GAS MAN Keron Legerton kept the guys all up to speed and F A S T !!Back to Max -Max Jellinek could only do practice Thursday and some of Friday in the VRS rental Swift S2000. He did a great job setting the fastest time for S2000’s for the whole weekend @ 56:350.


R E S U L T S –Home track advantage….SURE, but all the VRS racers did a good job of keeping the shiny side & speed up while having a great time. We are glad to see the SVRA @ Lime Rock Park and hope we’ll continue to see their very professionally presented vintage races here in years to come. Well done All …… and thanks!!

SVRA @ LRP for Memorial Day Weekend 2019 15.jpg

Dave & Spitfire head into the left hander toward the end of the festivities …..OOOOOOPs, that rear panels seems to say Triumph and Lotus got just a little too close!!