Thompson Motorsports Park Vintage Festival 2019


Vintage Racing Services Joins the Vintage Racer Group for some high speed fun June 20th-22nd at the Thompson Motorsports Park Vintage Festival 2019. We had a great spot on the high side of paddock for this dicey & damp, 2 of the 3 days, not the best race weather event. Paddock Look wet? It is!! The Small Bore Group one tale of wet and dry follows…


Dry to wet, then thankfully back to dry again! Under the VRS tent we find Spitfire speed in abundance. From the left: Tom Brown’s dark blue #1–Kevin Gosselin’s light blue #901–Tom Swaboda’s black #18 & finally-Kent Bain’s white #69 …. Then there’s Bain’s bike which he managed not to fall off even once!!


It was just not Tom’s weekend!! Tom Brown that is; he came and went far too quickly. Thursday: Chris & Ben have the trans out to find a damaged flywheel after a missed shift! Well, ….Tom was a little concerned about getting back to Florida in time for a certain someone’s birthday. He sure solved that problem with due haste …and a fair measure of disappointment…but then there’s always another race as he reflects & extols above.


Tom’s just getting his feet wet (our other Tom, Tom Swaboda) in the Vintage race arena after some SCCA indulgences. He did almost every session all event long with not a wheel put wrong in his trusty VRS rental Spitfire. Could there be a better way to start?


Friday’s group 1 small bore race was a lot of work. He missed the early AM qualifying picking up lunch for crew & clients so VRS racer Kent and his trusty #69 Spitfire had to start at the back. This done, it really was good fun coming from behind to reel in the leaders on the last lap for an OA win. Huge thanks to all the courteous VRG drivers who saw him coming and made this doable!!

VRS @ the Thompson Vintage Festival 12.jpg

3 Spits and one Sprite! Here we are about to take the Green flag to start Friday’s 2ndsmall bore production race. VRS’s Kent Bain in the white car is on pole, Jay Creel in the number 2 spot followed by the always able Matthew Hagopian Bug Eye in 3rdwith VRS racer Kevin Gosselin in his light blue #901 Spitfire in the 4thplace qualifiers slot. Track sure looks dry in this shot….and it was, mostly … so why did Jay start on rains? Kevin & Kent were delighted he did!!


Group 1, Race 2 A good Gosselin Story The rain came and went & the track dried. Fellow Spitfire racer Jay Creel qualified 2ndwith VRS Spit racer Kevin Gosselin gridded 4th, worked it well tailing Jay hard, upper left then, when the time was right making the pass to take 2nd. Meanwhile VRS racer Kent was leading. A short while later it was VRS Spitfires 1 and 2 at the checker!

VRS @ the Thompson Vintage Festival 20.jpg

And in the end, we were lucky to get 2 relatively dry races on Friday. Saturday’s weather was perfect, but both Kevin & Kent had to get home for Saturday commitments leaving Jay Creel and Matt Hagopian to fight it out which they did with Jay taking race 3 honors and Matt finding the checker for races 4 & 5. Perhaps the most rewarding result is Jay’s comment about having a good time just hanging around together and that small bore racers comradery we all shared! Meanwhile, new VRS racer Tom, and his Black Spitfire got lots of track time finishing almost every session all event long…save the very 1stsession Thursday when he felt something funny with the brakes and wisely pulled in to find a failed pedal shaft retaining washer! Good Job Tom … all event long!