VRS with VRG: A Tale of Two Toms


VRS with VRG: A tale of two Toms, some good racing and “Terrible” Tom Brown’s Thunderbolt Spitfire Pole Position Extravaganza. Tom gives the New Jersey Motorsports park a gracious margin as he approaches the start of Race 1 on Saturday.


Car number 8 became car #88 & the rest is history. Tom was cautious and calculating as he took it easy in prior sessions learning Thunderbolts nuances. He qualified 2nd but when race time came he took the lead and never looked back.  Then, and just to reaffirm his fast learn… he did it again in race #2. Well done Tom and we’re glad we talked you back into Vintage after those years of SCCA!!!


Tim, Chris and McPherson College summer intern Nick had a busy weekend. Erring on the side or reliability promoting caution, they re-torqued Toms Spitfire head after every session following an early practice head gasket failure. Left, Chris and Nick in torqueing mode and below, Nick, umbrella in hand, gets ready to keep some sun off his driver “on the pole”!


That other Tom: Tom Donatelli came and went so fast we did not even get a shot of him on track! He had not quite 2 days to spare. T.D.’s mission was to test his newly acquired Ginetta G4 and see what he’d bought? Well… Tom went from unidentified “Silver Open Cockpit” to identified 4th OA in his Saturday pre-departure race. Not a bad debut for a new race car at all. Just a few tweaks needed per back at shop; photo below left.


All we can add is WELL DONE, GO TOM and keep the fire spitting out that tailpipe, but please; two hands on the wheel except when changing gear!! A big thank you form us all for another much appreciated & well run VRG race weekend.