The car offered here is a Porsche 911 which was manufactured during the first half year of production. The Porsche Certificate of Authenticity comes with the car. The car itself is a matching numbers vehicle. The car is original Signal Red/6407 body color.

Starting with a sound, numbers matching, early 911 chassis #302023 the car was prepared as a rally car, specifically for the 2011 Targa Newfoundland and this work was trusted to a well respected marque specialist, Automotive Associates of Canton, CT. There was much attention paid throughout this process to make sure that sometime in the future, if required, the car could be brought back to stock without evidence of modification. At the same time this work was done to the highest standard without regard to cost.

In preparation to convert the car for rallying the original engine was removed and a brand new “Best of the Best” 2.4 liter engine installed in its place. The front fenders, hood, rear deck lid and rear fenders were replaced with lightweight fiberglass panels. (the remainder of the car is steel.) All the interior was removed from the car and a full Porsche designed rally roll cage installed along with comfortable competition seating. The complete car weighs in at just 2240 pounds. In addition to the original engine, the car comes with a professionally tuned 2.2 liter rally engine to compete in the Carrera Panamericana. Front and rear suspensions are standard but have been strengthened in order to handle the rigors of a 7 day rally on open roads, which are not always smooth! The results speak for themselves with podium finishes at Targa Newfoundland in 2013 and 2014

In addition to rally prep, a full body shell refinish was incorporated to yield the level of fit and finish that this superb example exhibits. On offer is a highly desirable early example of the Porsche 911 and substantially more. The pedigree of the car, the record of its achievements and a package of spare drive train components to suit various events or exhibit formats. The list is comprehensive, the pieces are all of superb quality and in very good order. The sum total is not just one Porsche but one and a half 911's.

Price: $215,000, including all spares. - This vehicle has been sold!


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