The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super is the unsung hero of the sports sedan segment. It’s emergence into the mainstream is often attributed to the BMW 2002, a phenomenal performer that validated BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” marketing tactics, but the Alfa Romeo Giulia may just be the rightful owner of that title. Introduced in 1962, the Type 105 Giulia was one of the first lightweight sedans to come with sport-oriented underpinnings. With a high revving, dual-carburetor, 1,300cc twin-cam inline four powering the small, boxy Alfa people immediately began to take note of its performance prowess. In fact, with its 5-speed transmission and 4-wheel disc brakes, the Giulia was better equipped than many of the higher-end contemporary sports coupes. So paramount were the performance capabilities of this little family car that Alfa Romeo went to the lengths of sculpting the body in a wind tunnel for ideal aerodynamic properties. Though it may look boxy, the Giulia has an impressive 0.34 drag coefficient which was lower than that of the teardrop shaped Porsche 911.

This beautiful 1973 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1.3 was recently imported from Carini Palermo, Italy and wears a sporting shade of Biancospino white over a pristine tan interior. It is a two-owner car that has been impeccably cared for over the years, and was treated to a long list of maintenance work before being imported. The car comes with brand new spark plugs, thermostat, gaskets, muffler, air filters, and battery as well as freshly reconditioned carburetors, radiator, and distributor. The result is a 1,300cc motor that feels punchy anywhere in the rev range, and propels the car forward with more enthusiasm than one would expect from a small family sedan. This Alfa sits on a set of beautiful, period correct 14” Campagnolo Turbina wheels and is ready for any road, rally, or car show ahead!

Price: $27,500 - This vehicle has been sold!


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