The Porsche 933 represents a sweet spot in the sports car area, balancing an analog driving feel with modern conveniences in a way that few other cars have been able to accomplish. Immediately after production started, both the public and critics fell in love with the new iteration of the 911, and adoration for the 993 only continued to grow as years went on. While the base 911s were adored for their phenomenal handling characteristics and snappy acceleration, the Carrera 4 S (and its RWD counterpart) raised the bar. The C4S shares the same bodywork as the 993 Turbo, with wide fender flares and more aggressive styling. The massive rear hips housed wider wheels which improved handling on what was already the best handling 911 yet. Towards the end of the 993’s life cycle, it became more and more clear that the 993 was something special. With the new 996 chassis, Porsche announced the 911 would no longer feature an air-cooled engine. Porsche enthusiasts immediately began praising the 993 as the last air-cooled Porsche 911 and went on to call it the “the last complete ‘modern classic’” and “the purists’ Holy Grail.” The 993, almost immediately, became the Porsche that every collector had to have as it was clear that no car would be able to compare. It was a modern classic and the end of a long line of air-cooled Porsche sports cars, it was a joy to drive both on track and to the office.

This Porsche Carrera 4S is an excellent example of the 993 C4S. It features the highly desirable Midnight Blue Metallic paint option over Classic Grey leather. It was originally purchased from Frank J. Lynch Motors in Chicago, IL and has been driven only 61,000 miles over the course of its life. The paint, which has been protected by a partial clear wrap, shows beautifully and is unique in its ability to seemingly change color depending on the lighting. The Classic Grey interior compliments the deep blue exterior and shows exceptionally well with minimal signs of wear. Behind the wheel, it becomes immediately apparent why people fell in love with this chassis. It drives flawlessly, giving the driver a sense of being truly connected with the road. The C4S is a modern classic that is becoming more and more desirable, remaining the most balanced and powerful of all the air-cooled 911s. This C4S comes with extensive documentation from new.

Price: $85,000 - This vehicle has been sold!


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