We are pleased to have been a part of the restoration of the beautiful Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II convertible, pictured herein, A “part” is the applicable term here, as this restoration was a joint effort between the car’s owner, Larry Durocher, and the technicians at Automotive Restorations Inc. We very much enjoy projects of this type, working closely with car owners to produce results of superb quality.


It was a team effort that saw Larry pulling the car to bits, our painter Jim Kinsella restoring body, trimmer Anthony Blankley creating a proper Rolls Royce interior environment, while Charlie Webb and Craig Cronin assisted Larry with various other tasks. The result speaks for itself thanks to this team’s effort. Most critically it takes a knowledgeable, detail oriented guy of Larry’s nature to put it all together just as it needs to be. We are all pleased to have been a part. Assisting him in his superb execution of the restorers craft was truly our pleasure. First time shown this car garnered.


Awards aplenty for a job well done!