It is not often that we have the pleasure of bringing a significant collectable classic back to life for the guy who bought it in its first life's prime...when it was just a well used sports car. Collecting XK 120 Jags had not come on the horizon circa 1964. Oh how things have changed!! Bringing this one back was indeed a great ride!

It is both interesting and a privilege to restore a basically untouched as original, albeit decayed, machine from the early nineteen-fifties into this, the 3rd millennium. And rarer still that this should come our way in the form of a Jaguar XK120, the brilliant example of Sir William Lyons creative intelligence that served to put Jaguar so substantially on the post war sports and performance leader’s pole.

Dick Couch E-mailed us one fine day in October of 2009 to say he had this once gray and great though now somewhat dilapidated, but complete, XK120 Roadster tucked away in the same spot for decades. It had been about 25 years idle and he was interested in playing a proactive role in the revival of the car he’d purchased in 1964. “YES we can, we’d be delighted “ was our answer.

XK 120 number 674723 was well to our north in Hanover, New Hampshire. Some weeks later, truck and trailer ventured forth from the shop. A relatively short while later the car you see here arrived at our shops. IT NEEDED EVERYTHING, but it’s owner knew that, and was undeterred in his commitment to see his old cat just as it once was.


And in Conclusion, well over a year since completion:

Mr. Couch notes that he’s had a good time with the car since delivery and especially now, as I write this, in the fall of 2013. The Couch’s delight in taking long leisure time road trips in their beautiful part of the world. Country drives amidst New Hampshire’s superb fall foliage are indeed a particular treat in their top down beauty. XK 120S # S674723 continues to look just right and run quickly and smoothly, just as it should. We appreciate Dick’s support and the opportunity to put this great old machine back into service. We feel an accomplishment in being just a small part of the ongoing enjoyment. Drive on, with all our best wishes!