Two very interesting competition cars. Related by purpose, but of very different origin, both were restored by Automotive Restorations Inc. In the foreground above is a very famous Aston Martin. Chassis #LML 49 was the original DB-2 factory development prototype. Raced and tested by the factory at a number of European events in its heyday, it had suffered severely in the intervening years. Derek Durst is a long time friend, a committed enthusiast, and a clever fellow. Having unearthed LML 49, he documented its history, then turned the project over to our technicians for restoration. To say we were appreciative is an understatement.


Following a complete and historically correct restoration, Mr. Durst's Aston Martin was invited to and shown at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. It changed hands not long thereafter and now resides overseas. As a "one-off" prototype, it has much in common with the vehicle in the background of the photo above.



The car featured in the "Vintage Motorsport" magazine spread to the left might also best be called a prototype. Though this car had no pretension at production, it has a significant competition history and is the one and only.

It is the very famous Fitch-Whitmore Jaguar Special. Conceived by famed racing driver John Fitch in league with Colby Whitmore, this car used a very light alloy body and Jaguar XK-120 components to yield a very potent competiton special.

After years of use and occasional refurbishment by various owners, the Fitch finally got its just due. At the direction of Randolf Lenz, it was restored by Automotive Restorations, Inc. Following restoration, the Fitch underwent preparation for use in vintage racing activities by our sister company, Vintage Racing Services Inc.

Mr. Lenz campaigned the car with V.R.S. for years in various vintage events, and exhibited it by invitation at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The car still resides with Mr. Lenz.


These cars have been the subject of various magazine articles throughout recent years. They are both very special examples of their genre, and we at Automotive Restorations Inc. feel privileged to have restored them.