Ferrari 400 Super America #3747 on arrival Fall 2001. Resplendent if just a bit faded in two tone white over silver rockers.


We found the damage in just the location described.

Ferrari Super America coupe number 3747. We first encountered this magnificent grand touring Ferrari 400 Super America quite a number of years ago, 12 to be exact. The job at hand at that time was “restore it to exhibit standards” and it’s owner was a seasoned veteran of the high speed classic car world; in particular Ferraris. To say it had to be correct, look just right and most critically perform perfectly was a given.


Restored body shell stripped of all but the structure and skin soon in prime...


… then in paint!


The heart of the beast; Ferrari finery; 12 superb cylinders rebuilt, restored and...


...dyno tuned to perfection.


Back just the way the Ferrari build sheet intended it to be.

Knowing this collector as we do, the notion of perfection, that occasionally unassailable but sticky restorer’s goal and objective, was always on our radar. In the words of our supporter, this car’s long time owner and Ferrari collector extraordinaire Peter Kalikow; it came out just right! It looks and runs and FEELS just as it should with those few hand made idiosyncrasies (dare we say imperfections) intact and true to original form. This car gets driven and shown and used and enjoyed and savored by an owner who really knows what Ferraris are and should be. Appreciated for its grace & pace amidst other rewarding Ferrari virtues decades after it’s first life. We are all well rewarded.


Painted shell soon finds a restored engine...

totfa-24.jpg and correctly fabricated wiring harness...


... and soon it is time for some testing, sorting and making sure all works as a Ferrari should.

In particular project director Charlie Webb is enthused to see the years of reward for his work. We are both proud and pleased to see it all working so well some 12 years after it left the shop restored. Pictures worth a thousand words? Well then, what follows are thousands and thousands more words to tell the tale.


August 2003, just post restoration: Awarded at Pebble Beach Concours d ’Elegance.

Though acquired prior to our restoration in Europe, this car was originally imported by Luigi Chinetti for sale in the United States. Chinetti told a story about Super America 3747. The car had been ordered by a special customer of Chinetti’s and arrived at the corner and 54th & 11th Ave, Chinetti’s New York city headquarters to be prepared for delivered to the customer. It was Chinetti’s policy is that all cars be delivered with a full tank of gas. After all the initial prep and final tuning, a technician dutifully took the car to the local filling station. On the way back a taxi cab decided that this car was just a little too shiny and should not to be delivered to its customer that day. Ah, what to do? As any self respecting NY taxi knows, a little whack to a Ferraris sensitive left rear hind quarter will tame the beast. We found the proof once underway; with key parts removed, the fixed dent was still there; Note the photo inset left. Clearly just where described to the new Ferrari owner at pickup by Coco Chinetti.



EXCELLENCE CUP - for Outstanding Restoration Quality & Challenge Awarded by FMNA & FCA


JUDGES CUP – Most Deserving as Selected by the Honorary judges, Awarded by Ferrari of NE


PLATINUM AWARD – Cavallino’s acknowledgement for excellence and originality


September 2011, on cue to drive up and receive another 1st in class at the Fairfield County Concours d ’Elegance, September 2011


Presented with its 1st in class award by Simon Kidston at his best.


By the lake...


Days end: Mark Aglora gives 3747 an admiring glance awarded again nearly 10 years after restoration.

September 2013, 12 years after it’s arrival at the shop and over a decade since restoration:


Best of Show at The Alden Sherman Classic, Weston , CT.


Our own Charlie Webb takes the award on Peter’s behalf from none other than Alden himself!


OUR POINT Ferrari 400 Super America #3747, 12 years after restoration & many a mile.


Still winning awards while looking and running awfully well.


Quality Endures!