Projects and Restorations

Each project, no matter how large or small, has a story to be told. Here you will find a curated selection of short stories about some of our most memorable restorations.


The ARI Magazine

Forty years in the shop will leave you with endless memories and more stories that you can tell. The ARI Magazine is a collection of short tales as written by our founder, Kent Bain.


Events on the Road

If there's an event featuring classic cars, chances are we worked on one of the show pieces on display.  The chronicles of our whereabouts are documented within.  Please enjoy the stories and if you see us out at one of these fine events, please say hello!


ARI in the Press

The automotive press is always excited to feature our latest and greatest.  Please take some time to read the articles in some of the publications that our work has been featured in.


VRS: Trackside Tales

In racing, there isn't an event, race, or single lap without a story to tell, Vintage Racing Services supports our drivers all across the country and internationally. Trackside Tales is a collection of their experiences as written by Kent Bain.