For over 40 years, we have been proudly offering our clients with the highest standard in automotive care. We offer a full range of services from to specialized maintenance programs to engine rebuilding and full nut-and-bolt restorations. With an unrivaled staff of over 30 high trained professionals and specialists, we are capable of custom-tailoring a project to your exact desires. Whether your vehicle needs to stand above the competition in an upcoming Concours d'Elegance or to be ready for your next spirited Sunday drive, we are ready to meet your every need. 

Automotive Restorations is in the unique position of having a world-renowned race shop in house. Vintage Racing Services has built a name for itself as a trusted race car builder and provider of track-side support, as well as a one-stop-shop for classic car performance modification. 



What we offer:



Modern mechanic practices serve a vital role, but lack the same artistry and passion needed to maintain and restore classic vehicles. Our team has been built around a shared passion for vintage motoring, and possessed the skills and know-how to keep your classic car running better than the day it left the assembly line.



Metal & Fabrication:

Our specialized team of metal fabricators is the best in the business, because they learned from the best in the business. Having been trained by Rolls Royce and Aston Martin during their hay-day, The Panel Shop continues the art and tradition of coach-building and metal fabrication into the modern era by continuing to hand craft full metal bodies, partial body sections, bumpers, trim, and more.



Paint & Finish:

We know the difference a concours quality paint job makes because our finishing department is responsible for more show-winning paint finishes than we'd be able to count. Using nothing but the finest quality materials and having mastered the art of paint prep, we stand behind every coat of paint that gets sprayed in our booth. 




The love of cars is all about the sensory experiences they give us, which is why we never overlook the area of a car we most often com in contact with. From plush luxury to lightweight minimalism, or a complete factory restoration to a one-off custom interior, our trim shop knows the importance of a masterfully crafted interior. 



Wood & Coach Trim:

Though the art of wood coach-building has fallen out of prominence since the last of the iconic "woody" station wagons roll out of the factory, the practice is alive and well under our roof. Our shop has produced many award-winning wooden car bodies and has completed countless interior wood trim restorations. 



Collector Services:

At the end of the day, we do this because we share a passion for classic cars with our clients. We do, however, know that owning an older vehicle is not always headache-free. That's why we offer the highest standard in collector services. From insured vehicle transportation to meticulous detailing, roadside rescues to house calls, Automotive Restorations, Inc. will do everything we can to make owning a vintage car as fun as it is to drive it. 



The ARI Magazine:

With over forty years of history and practice Automotive Restorations, Inc. has collected a wealth of stories to tell. The ARI Magazine is a collection of memories as told by our founder, Kent Bain.