They swapped one Ferrari…


… for another! His original 365GTC4, chassis number 15809.

How often do guys like us have the chance to resurrect a fine Ferrari for the guy who bought it new from Luigi Chinetti’s mid-town Manhattan dealership. Not as often as we would like about covers it. Purchased and cherished by its owner for a number of years, 15809 was eventually sold. Purchased in his youth, the memories of good times and Ferrari performance lingered. More of Modena’s finest gathered in the garage, while the impression this 365 left lingered. Enter 21st century communication technology allowing rediscovery of his original car. Another 365GTC had taken its place, but only in part. Both owners concurred and the swap was soon made. The substitute 365 exchanged for beloved #15809 with frame-up restoration commencing immediately. Testing and sorting followed as did exhibit at Cavallino 2011, where the restored car garnered a Platinum Award. There’s none better, but we are most rewarded by its owner’s repeated accolades. “It’s perfect. I can’t stop driving it. I love that car!” There’s no greater reward for all of us here at ARI than the joy we can add to the fun of fine machinery.


Apart and ready to restore.


Finish removed, sound body revealed.


Body shell restored and painted


100s or more pieces just have find their way aboard


Restored engine back at home


Ferrari 365 GTC 4 15809 Job done!


Certainly among the best of the original 500 cars built


Restored interior, a seat one can easily get used to


Scrutiny precedes its prestigious award


On exhibit, Cavallino 2011