The Triumph TR6 is one of the most widely adored offerings from the United Kingdom of the 1970s and is generally considered one the last of the pure, lightweight British sports cars. It was the natural continuation in a line of lightweights build by Triumph, and improved upon both the classic styling of the TR4A and the punchy power plant of the TR5. The square body was praised for its masculine design while the 2.5L inline 6 cylinder engine was praised for both its performance and durability. As a result, the TR6 was a huge market success for Triumph with just under 92,000 examples being produced. Its replacement, the TR7, while a success in terms of sales numbers failed to garner the same affection. Soon after the end of its production life-cycle, the TR6 was recognized by British motoring enthusiasts as the gem that it truly was. The classic styling, lightweight body, responsive handling, and robust inline 6 resulted in one of the most memorable British sports cars of the 60s and 70s. Today, they are becoming more and more collectible, with a relative few of the original 91,000 remaining in solid, drivable condition.

This Triumph TR6 has received extensive service to ensure that it is ready for the road ahead including an oil change, a carburetor adjustment, a new clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder, all new wheel cylinders, and new soft lines. The result is a TR6 that is a true joy to drive and instantly makes apparent the reason so many people fell in love with the boxy little British lightweight. The body is in very good condition with minimal signs of rust, and the interior of the car is in excellent shape. The convertible top is near-mint and the seats and door cards have both been recently reupholstered. It is an excellent example of the TR6 and could either make for an excellent candidate for a restoration project or could be enjoyed exactly as it is!

Price: $12,500 - Sale Pending


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