Good Humor

What could be  more appreciated at  a  child's birthday party or when the fancy strikes ?   “The Boys”  A.K.A. Phil and Tom,  had helped pay for their respective educations working weekend events with this friendly and accommodating  vintage Ford Good Humor truck.  They had spread good humor far and wide but the trucks age was starting to show.    Safety, reliability and appearance were all in need of a bit of  improvement.  The all important freezer however had a good porcelain  finish and was at 100%  confirmed by the ice cream we had to remove & sample to do our work properly.  Emboldened by a perfect dose of pre project Good Humor all proceeded well! 

So, 1st diagnosis then a project outline review.  Peter gave us the go ahead.   Soon all to bits we found that  the tin worm had been busy under all those  conversion panels that  served to convert a Ford pickup chassis into an wagon of flavorful delights.  We found them and fixed and restored it all to a new and original condition .  It took a couple-3 months and then this still hard working truck, along with Phil, Tom and Peter were back on the job living up to all the title implies.

There’s only one color paint color for a Good Humor truck…white, white and more white…and if an accent is needed..WHITE…but then there's lots-o-stickers.