Trihawk Trials, Tribulations & Triumph

Rex called to say his Trihawk was in trouble. Languishing at some shop to our north it sat with little to show for weeks of waiting. Trihawk I said…yes I remember those and I did have a ride a long while ago, but we’re not an authorized service station. Rex knew his car well. Rex’s engineering background allowed him to assess our interest and understanding of machines. Days later we had one very clever, if a bit out of condition Trihawk three-wheeler at our door.

“The Lotus 7 of the eighties” was my take after work was done and testing in process.Brilliant “bit-o-kit” to insert some UK speak indeed, and a fun project for all at ARI. The basics were all put right…with those little Trihawk glitches that needed special product knowledge coming from both Rex and all the wonders of the world wide web. Rex has been touring around Litchfield County, CT and beyond ever since. Great car, great project and thanks Rex. We do indeed learn something new every day… which sure keeps things interesting.

Less than 100 cars were produced in both Mokena, Illinois built prototype and later Dana Point, CA production form.TRIHAWKS ARE INDEED RARE!…AND SPECIAL!! Getting this car back up to speed involved a bit of engine work and attention to other vehicle systems. A cosmetic cleanup with finish  touch up concluded the project nicely as the photos illustrate. Yes the TRIHAWK graphic is available!! Once done the testing was a treat and served to get one neat machine back up to speed again. If you can get a ride or drive in a Trihawk…DO IT, you won’t be disappointed!! Thanks again Rex.