Wheels are Wheels - Restoring the Liz Claiborne Bikes

We are normally found restoring motor vehicles….but I, for one, am an avid pedal road biker. We all appreciate the pedal bike for the vehicle it is. So, the answer was easy when the designers from Liz Claiborne called about some special exhibit bikes needed for an upcoming fashion presentation. “Send us the drawings, send us the bikes and we’ll have it all done on time and looking just as it should.”

Boxes arrived, bikes to bits then re-finished in the correct silver – bells built – details on the bell? A clover leaf theme with matching wheel centers we fabricated pictured below. Seats trimmed in specified materials and on the fabrication went. The right racks and baskets were found, finished and fitted. The bags arrived from the designers and out they went with the models you see here doing the rest. Fun project and as noted at the onset...wheels are wheels!!!